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For sale: Cela model TP-24 uninsulated mobile elevated work plarform fitted to a Hino 616 med cab chassis or cab chassis supplied by yourself.

Unit price (Cela TP-24 – NEW): $127,330

Cab chassis (Hino 616 med – NEW): $41,500

Cost: $168,830

GST: $16,883

Total cost: $185,713

Delivery: 2-4 weeks, ex. Melbourne

5 1 available for sale

3% discount for one or more units purchased (on EWP only) 

CELA TP-24 Product Specifications

Max. working height 24 metres
Max. working height at cage floor 22 metres
Max. working outreach 11 metres
Turntable rotation 360° continuous
Max. cage load 225 kg
Cage dimensions 1400mm x 700mm x 1100mm
Assembly onto chassis with GVM 5.6 ton