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The LL22.350 has a maximum working height of 24 metres while maintaining compact boom design and a low travel height. This unit exudes the very essence of innovative design paired with quality engineering and simplicity, ensuring that this model meets the many specific and unique needs of our customers.

Developed and designed for live line work, construction, tree clearing or vegetation management, it features a 350kg two man basket (optional basket rotator) complete with articulated upper and lower booms which includes a 3.5 metre telescopic section that enables the operator to reach 12 metres.

The lower boom insulation insert offers 33kV phase to ground protection in the event of accidental contact with live wires near the elbow area, and a 135kV telescopic boom insert to protect the basket personnel.

The GMJ LL22.350 model has a wide selection of options to suit your requirements and delivers full value & performance for your investment.

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LL22.350 Product Specifications

Model LL22.350
Range Maximum working height: 24m
Maximum basket floor height: 22m
Maximum reach: 12.5m
SWL 350 kg
325 kg – With basket rotator
Insulation Dry rating: 132/33/LV
Wet rating: 33/33/LV – Optional
Low voltage insulation: All metallic portions above 4.5m
Basket Size: 1200mm x 700mm x 1000mm deep
Optional: 1500mm x 700mm x 1000mm deep
Construction: Fibreglass
Slew 360° continuous
Stabilisation Front type: Hydraulic up/down – in/out
Spread: 4.4m
Rear type: Hydraulic up/down – in/out
Spread: 4.4m
Cab chassis 5.3m, 16,000 kg GVM

LL22.350 Product Features

Standard Features

  • CANopen safety control system
  • Boom/Stabiliser Interlock
  • Emergency Stops (basket, turret, tray)
  • Manual Release screws on all boom cylinders
  • Over centre valves on all cylinders
  • Base controls over-ride basket controls
  • Battery/Electric emergency hydraulic power pack
  • Emergency descent ropes
  • Hydraulic basket tilt
  • Flame Retardant Basket
  • Conforms with AS 1418.10 and the statutory requirements applicable in Australia

Optional Equipment

  • Radio remote controls
  • VSR (Voltage sensitive relay) – Dual batteries
  • Remote engine stop/start
  • Revolving lights, spot lights, flashing arrow board
  • 33/33/LV electrical rating – Wet
  • Basket rotator
  • Hydraulic tool outlets at basket and/or base
  • Closed centre hydraulics with accumulator
  • Aluminium tray
  • Non-slip edge on steps
  • Swing down access steps/ladder
  • Custom locker layout
  • 1500mm wide basket
  • Basket liner
  • Basket cover
  • Basket lifting attachment
  • Wooden or plastic dunnage pads
  • Tow bar
  • Vice
  • 60 litre water tank
  • Fire extinguisher
* Contact GMJ sales for further options