Arrival of Cela DT Spyders

Cela’s latest DT range of ‘Spyder’ self propelled platforms have arrived at our works depot in Melbourne.

Both the DT15 and DT24 offer 15 metres and 24 metres of working height respectively and a 200kg safe working load. These units, which can also be truck mounted, were recently introduced into the Cela fleet of platforms with great success and have received world wide reviews.

David Storrs from Kimberley Trees in Kununurra Western Australia visited our office and acquired the first Cela DT24 ‘Spyder’ to arrive in Australia. David will be using his new platform for tree clearing within the Kimberley region and was impressed by the overall performance and features, just to name a few;

  • 24m working height
  • 12m reach
  • Hatz silenced engine, alternatively the unit also incorporates an auxiliary electro-pump
  • Automatic stabilising
  • Radio controls
  • 1400mm removable basket that includes 180° rotation
  • Light weight construction (2,800kg)

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