GMJ – Official Australian Prinoth distributor

GMJ Equipment is proud to be the official Australian distributor for Prinoth tracked vehicles. We have successfully delivered 5 x T8’s mounted with MEWP’s into service throughout Australia. We have also delivered 3 x T6’s in Victoria to assist with firefighting. A soon to be completed T12 with a Pro-line pole borer will be delivered towards the later end of 2020.

The Prinoth units are the most reliable working machinery for extreme applications on extreme terrains. Thanks to their large payload, these vehicles can be equipped with all types of specialized attachments and are perfect for all firefighting, construction and drilling work, pipeline construction, and for the laying and maintenance of power lines. In short, they offer a wide variety of applications for deployment throughout the year under the most difficult conditions. Prinoth tracked vehicles stand out for their very low ground pressure, which allows them to reach places where other wheeled vehicles would inevitably get stuck. Moreover, these vehicles are used for the transport of personnel, machinery and other heavy equipment.