LL18.650 tracked machine

GMJ is proud to announce the development of a tracked LL18-650 MEWP.

The challenge was set to develop a MEWP/vehicle combination that would be capable of handling the steep hills and often muddy and swampy conditions of the South Western region of Victoria for Powercor Australia. The result of this was a GMJ LL18.650 mounted to a Canadian manufactured Prinoth Panther T8 tracked vehicle.

The superior design of the Prinoth carrier has allowed for larger approach and departure angles, and a great amount of traction for rough terrain. Some of the key features of the unit include:

  • Ascend/descend slopes up to 31deg
  • Maneuver on side slopes up to 22deg
  • 700mm wide rubber tracks with automatic tensioning to provide optimal contact with the ground
  • Extremely low ground pressure (4.5 psi) resulting in minimal impact on driving surfaces
  • Articulated wheels to follow the terrain to give a smooth ride
  • A fording depth of 1 metre

The unit also was designed so that it can be transported on a low loader trailer while staying within the dimension limits stipulated by the RTA. Furthermore, it is also conditionally registered, allowing for travel on sealed roads between sites.

For more information, please contact GMJ