Major inspection capabilities

We are pleased to announce that our service division has increased operation and is fully equipped to perform 10 year and 5 year major inspections in accordance with AS 2550.10-2006.

Being the OEM, we have the knowledge and resources to ensure a thorough and efficient overhaul is undertaken, minimising down time while producing a quality outcome. You can rest assured the overhaul will be completed using genuine OEM parts, engineered specifically for your machine.

What we do:

1. The unit is thoroughly inspected by our trained inspectors. Visual and operational checks are performed to gauge the condition of the unit prior to disassembly.

2. The unit is completely disassembled. Components cracked tested and visually inspected for wear or damage.

3. All major components are fully refurbished by either the OEM or GMJ certified professionals. This is to ensure the components are refurbished back to optimum operating standard.

4. Safety upgrades are performed to ensure the unit meets the current Australian Standard for Mobile Elevated Work Platforms AS/NZS1418.10:2011. Major upgrades include the levelling system, deadman system, emergency stops and boom/stabiliser interlocks.

5. The unit is fully repainted and reassembled using new fasteners, hoses and fittings.

6. A complete and detailed function, weight and insulation test is performed, along with a full visual inspection.

7. The unit is supplied with a full report detailing the works undertaken including all test certificates.

We can also arrange a hire unit should you require one for the duration of the overhaul.