New model – LLF12-250 & LLF12-300 – Tele/Fly

The LLF12 is a single stage telescopic/fly boom arrangement designed specifically for live line work, streetlight maintenance, & vegetation maintenance. The compact and lightweight booms, coupled with an impressive working envelope makes this unit well suited for both urban and rural areas.

  • 13.8m working height
  • 8.8m / 11.8m reach
  • 4.3m w/base, 10T GVM cab chassis min.
  • 3.6m travel height
  • 250kg SWL – No interlock
  • 300kg SWL – Reach interlock until lower boom raised above 30°
  • 1.7m tele stroke
  • Automatic stabiliser deploy/level/stow (optional)
  • Spring lockouts with ±30° slew from centre (optional)
  • Up/down front & rear stabilisers
  • Designed with maintenance and operation in mind – Ease of access for regular maintenance
  • Compact booms and stowed design