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The LL18.650 has been designed for increased lifting capacity, reliability, versatility and as a long term investment. Developed with a greater load capacity in mind, the LL18.650 is a heavy duty unit exhibiting many desired features including a telescopic upper boom. It comprises of a fully compensating linkage; facilitating manual emergency retrieval, from all positions of the boom which is a standard feature for all GMJ units. The basket rotating system of 90˚with a capacity of 350kg is available through all positions of MEWP. The LL18.650 features a maximum lifting capacity of 650kg at the boom tip for lifting conductors and equipment.

The lower boom has a 33kV chassis insulator and the upper telescopic boom is supplied with a 132kV insert, including 33kv wet insulation protection.

With a working height of almost 20 metres, the LL18.650 offers the most productivity, reliability, value for money and quality that you can depend on.

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LL18.650 Product Specifications

Model LL18.650
Range Maximum working height: 19.5m
Maximum basket floor height: 18.0m
Maximum reach: 10.7m
SWL 350 kg – With basket rotator
400 kg – Combined boom/basket (tele boom extended)
650 kg – Combined boom/basket (tele boom retracted)
Insulation Dry rating: 132/33/LV
Wet rating: 33/33/LV – Optional
Low voltage insulation: All metallic portions above 4.5m
Basket Size: 1200mm x 700mm x 1000mm deep
Optional: 1500mm x 700mm x 1000mm deep
Construction: Fibreglass
Slew 360° continuous
Stabilisation Front type: Hydraulic up/down – in/out
Spread: 4.4m
Rear type: Hydraulic up/down – in/out
Spread: 4.4m
Cab chassis 5.0m, 14,000 kg GVM

LL18.650 Product Features

Standard Features

  • CANopen safety control system
  • Boom/Stabiliser Interlock
  • Emergency Stops (basket, turret, tray)
  • Manual Release screws on all boom cylinders
  • Over centre valves on all cylinders
  • Base controls over-ride basket controls
  • Battery/Electric emergency hydraulic power pack
  • Emergency descent ropes
  • Hydraulic basket tilt
  • Flame Retardant Basket
  • Conforms with AS 1418.10 and the statutory requirements applicable in Australia

Optional Equipment

  • Radio remote controls
  • VSR (Voltage sensitive relay) – Dual batteries
  • Remote engine stop/start
  • Revolving lights, spot lights, flashing arrow board
  • 33/33/LV electrical rating – Wet
  • Basket rotator
  • Hydraulic tool outlets at basket and/or base
  • Closed centre hydraulics with accumulator
  • Aluminium tray
  • Non-slip edge on steps
  • Swing down access steps/ladder
  • Custom locker layout
  • 1500mm wide basket
  • Basket liner
  • Basket cover
  • Basket lifting attachment
  • Wooden or plastic dunnage pads
  • Tow bar
  • Vice
  • 60 litre water tank
  • Fire extinguisher
* Contact GMJ sales for further options