Tracked Insulated Elevated Work Platform

  • Tracked vehicle
  • GMJ model LL18.650
  • Road registerable

The GMJ model LL18.650 MEWP combined with the Prinoth Panther T8 tracked carrier proves to be a winning combination. The unit has been designed for live line maintenance in areas where the terrain can prove to be difficult and time consuming to access. The extra high stabiliser legs allow the unit to be set up on ground slopes which exceed normal operating conditions. Dramatically improving job efficiency, allowing safe access to and from job sites, and reducing the damage inflicted to the land, the GMJ/Prinoth tracked unit has become an essential tool.

Make/Model GMJ LL18.650
Range Max. working height: 19.5m
Max. reach: 11.5m
Basket SWL: 350kg
Size: 1.2m / 1.5m wide, flame retardant
Insulation Dry: 132/33/LV
Wet: 66/33/LV
Control options Pilot joysticks
Pistol grip
Radio remote (single or dual)
Make/Model Prinoth Panther T8
Engine Caterpillar C7.1 turbo diesel – 168 kW
Payload 7,257kg
Width 2.5m
Tracks 700mm wide endless rubber, auto tensioning
Ground pressure 4.1psi (fully loaded)
  • All regular LL18.650 inclusion
  • The unit can be registered under conditional registration
  • Caterpillar C7.1 engine for (LRC) 168 kW
  • Narrow cab (ROPS) with single seat configuration and steering wheel
  • 2,500mm wide unit
  • 700mm wide, endless rubber track with high traction tread and automatic tensioning system
  • Gradeability - 30° up/downhill, 21.8° sidehill
  • Ground pressure – 4.10 psi (fully loaded)
  • 7,272kg payload
  • Transportable on a low loader with no restrictions
  • Conforms with AS/NZS 1418.10 and the statutory requirements applicable in Australia