New model – TTF17-300 (2020 release) – 2 stage Tele/Fly

The new GMJ TTF17-300 is a 2-stage telescopic/fly boom arrangement designed specifically for gloving and tree clearing type work. The compact light weight booms and large telescopic section is the highlight of this unit, allowing for a comprehensive working range. The unit design philosophy has remained the same as all GMJ units – Safety, functionality, simplicity. With our vast design and manufacturing expertise, we have been able to produce a versatile and robust unit while still keeping keep costs down.

  • 17.0m working height
  • 12.7m reach
  • 4.5m w/base min., 13T GVM cab chassis
  • 3.75m travel height
  • 250kg SWL – No interlock
  • 300kg SWL – With interlock
  • 4.51m tele stroke
  • True pilot joystick basket controls OR radio controls
  • Automatic stabiliser deploy/level/stow optional
  • A-frame front stabilisers OR short stroke in/out up/down front stabilisers
  • Up/down rear stabilisers
  • Slew interlock available
  • Spring lockouts available
  • All chains & tele cylinder fully enclosed inside booms
  • Designed with maintenance and operation in mind – Ease of access for regular maintenance
  • Compact booms and stowed design
  • Greater fly boom articulation
  • Simplified fly boom mechanism – No banana linkages
  • Common components with other fly boom model GMJ units

35 Year milestone

We are proud to celebrating 35 years of Australian design and made MEWP’s. 

Established in 1985, GMJ Equipment has grown to become Australia’s premier choice in Mobile Elevating Work Platforms. As a fully owned and operated Australian design & manufacturing company, GMJ is renowned as the leading experts in the design, manufacture and servicing of truck mounted MEWP’s, servicing the needs of both government authorities and private customers.

Cab operator interface screen (2020 release)

GMJ has developed its own touch screen user interface to connect with the MEWP, featuring a 7-inch, low glare, ultra-wide touch screen mounted in the cab. The safety device network system is multilinked to the screen to give the operator live feedback on the status of the MEWP, with additional information and controls such as current MEWP & accessories status, accessories controls, trouble shooting, data logging and various other relevant information and functions. 

Screen driving mode sample

Main menu sample

Spring lockouts

Spring lockouts have been redesigned and are being offered on the LL10, LLF12, LL14, LLF16, TTF17 models, useful for an alternative means of stabilising the unit without the need to deploy stabiliser legs. The spring lockouts can be quickly engaged or disengaged from either the cab, near to the stabiliser controls, or from within the basket when in its rest. This is particularly useful when performing streetlight pole-to-pole type work where quick set-up is required. The truck can be also be driven at low speeds with the spring lockouts engaged. View a video of the spring lockouts via the link below.

Control cover

The emergency control cover has been redesigned as a modular component across all GMJ models. The fibreglass cover protects the main control valve, hoses, and turret electrical box while improving the walkway space between the turret and lockers.

LLF16 SWL upgrade – 350kg

The safe working load for the LLF16-350 has been increased from 325kg to 350kg (including a basket rotator), allowing for added capacity when carrying tools and equipment in the basket.