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Cabin operator interface screen

GMJ has developed its own cabin interface touch screen to interface with the MEWP & accessories. The optional system features a 7-inch, low glare, ultra-wide touch screen mounted in the cabin of the truck, either flush mounted in the dash or on its own moveable bracket.

The safety device network system is multilinked to the screen to give the operator live feedback on the status of the MEWP, with additional information and controls such as accessories status’ and controls, how-to guides, trouble shooting, data logging and various other relevant information and functions.

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Prinoth T12 / Premier Proline pole borer

GMJ is pleased to release the first Prinoth T12 / Premier Proline 1015-T series crane borer, successfully delivered to Powercor Australia for use throughout regional Victoria. This unit is a vital tool during emergencies in hard-to-reach places within the utility industry. Meeting all RTA requirements and being road registrable, the unique articulating undercarriage combined with wide rubber tracks provides a low ground pressure solution.

This unit coupled with the new Premier Proline crane borer has been designed to incorporate transport of a power pole directly on the unit. Drawing on over 50 years’ experience in the industry, this unit is the first tracked mounted borer in Proline’s range. The Proline 1015-T pole borer is Australian engineered, designed and manufactured in accordance with Australian Standards AS1418 & AS2550.

Sheave Height Max.15.5m
Horizontal Reach Max.13.2m
Lifting Capacity Single Fall6,000kg
Lifting Capacity 2-Fall10,000kg
Slew Rotation360° Continious
Borer Torque Max.15,000Nm
Boring Radius4.8m – 8.5m
Borer Speed40RPM High, 20RPM Low
Maximum Travel Height3.4M
Pole Capacity3,000kg

LL18 tracked vehicle (Prinoth)

GMJ has successfully designed and manufactured 5 x LL18/Prinoth Panther T8 combinations for various electrical authorities throughout Australia, with another 3 units on the drawing board for other customers. The reliable and robust design of both the GMJ and Prinoth unit has made it a winning combination. The unique articulating undercarriage design of the Prinoth means the unit is able to absorb undulation while maintaining constant ground contact via the 700mm wide rubber tracks. Furthermore, these units are road registered and comply to all relevant RTA rules and regulations. View a video of the unit in action via the link below.